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The main material is more durable than a normal nylon, and uses the "CORDURA" Ballistic ® fabric1680d nylon, which is strong in friction and tear.Tate 840d Yoco 840d has two twisted yarn threads, so more friction and torn intensity have been strengthened, the surface is water-repellated and the PU cotinck is on the back side of the line.The adjunct material, which is a 13-standard reference to the Japan Leather Technology Association, has been used to conduct harmful substance testing (JES), and to use harmful substances and/or hexa-chromium substances in the human body, and to use eco-kaureza, which has been taffed and has been retuned.The functional area is one-sided, using FIDLOCK's high-function, which is the main function of opening or closing the howakket, or taking off the main body.The adjunct Scholte, Straff, and other hackerks can be used to provide an attachment for installing a hackerel, a karahhi, and a variety of other uses.The hassock has been used as a seat for the minislist without much baggage.

Size W110 H190 D50 mm
Weight Approximately 280g

CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric ® fabric ® 1680d nylon JES standard certified economy leaser


If nylon material is wet for a long time, the coating on the back side will be dissociated or the cause of deterioration will be degraded, so please keep it dry and keep it in storage.With the friction, the effects of the use are faded.In addition, the hydrophobic force is also lost due to hokoli and other fillets that are attached to the dough.We recommend that you use a commercially available plectrum spray spray spray spray by using a moderately brushing, etc. after you use it.Leather did not use pigments at all, and the leather was made with a lot of dye, which was a little bit of color, so the color of the leather was slightly different.You are not able to avoid dismissing colors for the characteristics of the Raise.Wet by rain or water causes a shimi or a discoloration, so if you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air. In addition, the state of the silo on the surface depends on the location where it is used.The shape, size, and side are different for each piece of time.Please be careful not to approach the magnetic field of credit cards, such as credit cards, because you are using a magnet in your backlull.You may have a magnetic defective and may not be able to read correctly.Please note that the specifications for the product may change without notice.


There is a pocket on the front side of the main storage compartment. You can keep keys etc. in the top loop. It also has a gusset that prevents items inside from falling out even when the zipper is fully opened.

A stretchable mesh pocket is on the main storage side of the main storage area.
In front of the outer fuselage, the fuselage is equipped with a pocket that is best suited for storing IC cards and other cards.

The front pocket can be easily removed by magnet parts and is suitable for storage of smart phone.

The included back part allows it to be attached to the shoulder harness of a backpack, etc. You can also remove the shoulder strap and use it as a pouch using the carabiner.

Leather name common to the series