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This is an all-season, all-season mask that can be washed and repeated with a wrist strap.With the nose wires in the nose, the ears are easier to fit in the contours, because the ear can adjust the length of the tape with the adjuster.There is also a Nose pad, which is designed to increase the fit of the fitness and the weariness of the glasses, and the glasses are not cloudy. The mask is equipped with a wrist strap that allows you to take off and adjust the length of a mask, so that you can put a mask on when you need it and you don't need to put it in place when you remove it from a small place or a time of eating or drinking.INVISTA's CORDURA ® Bare Tenjiku is used on the surface of the site.This material is high-functional, high-absorbing, resistant to inhalation, and higher durability due to wear resistance, contact cooling, UV cuts, anti-thrilling, and anti-snagish.We use anti-viral fiber-processing technology CLENSE (100 %) of the barberry dough on the back of the back.CLENSE ® reduces the number of specific germs in the fibers by 99 % and inhibits the proliferation of certain bacteria.This is also effective in the dislike smell of raw dry and dry.It is also a good material for laundry durability, with the touch of a farewell texture.This product is contained in a closed, closed-type claircase with olefin resin, so it is also available as a maskcase.Anti-bacterial and antiviral fiber-processing technology "CLEANSE ®/Klenze ®" is a processing technology that harms the 'Etak ®', a fixed antibacterial component, to the surface of the fiber.
Size L size: W230 H160mm (male model worn) / M size: W200 H135mm (female model worn)

Omote: CORDURA ® Bare Tenjiku (Nylon 88 %)/Urachi: CLENSER (100 % cotton)/Cotton 100 % (Cotton 100 %)/ear chap: po ester 80 % polyurethane 20 %/neck also: nylon 100 %/Packaging Material: polyethylene olefine


As this is a sanitary product, we cannot accept exchanges or returns unless the product is defective. Please be sure to wash it before using it for the first time. Masks do not completely prevent infection (invasion). This product is not effective against all bacteria and viruses.
Antibacterial and antiviral processing is not intended to prevent or treat diseases. It cannot be used in locations where harmful dust or gas is generated. Wash by hand or at home. When using a washing machine, be sure to use a net. It may wrinkle, so please adjust the shape when drying. Avoid tumble drying and dry naturally. Discontinue use if you have any skin abnormalities or if it does not suit your skin.
If the smell of the mask makes you feel sick, please stop using it immediately. Please do not use near fire. Please keep out of reach of children.


The outer material uses INVISTA's CORDURA® bare jersey. This fabric is a highly functional material with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, increased durability due to abrasion resistance, cool touch, UV protection, anti-pilling, and anti-snag properties.

The lining is made of 100% cotton Burberry fabric treated with CLENSE® anti-viral fiber processing technology. CLENSE® reduces the number of certain viruses on textiles by 99% and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria.

Adjuster allows you to adjust the length of the tape to fit any contour.

The mask itself comes with a neck strap that can be attached and detached and its length can be adjusted.

It has a neck trap which can adjust the desorption and length to the mask body.

The mask itself comes with a neck strap that can be attached and detached and its length can be adjusted.

Piss name common to the series.

Pisname for CORDURA.