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The main body fabric is a mesh that has been treated with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment, which is also used in bags, and the interior fabric is made of tricot pique, which has both deodorizing and antibacterial properties as well as moisture absorption and quick drying functions. There are partitions and eggplant hooks inside, which not only allows you to store used and unused masks separately, but also makes it convenient for you to hang the mask on the eggplant hook to dry when washing it while traveling or on a business trip. The strap part has a buckle, so you can attach it to a bag, etc.
Size W200 H130 mm

Outer material: Antibacterial and deodorizing mesh (100% polyester)
Lining: Deodorizing and antibacterial tricot pique (100% polyester)


For hygienic products, you may receive a non-defective repurchase return. /

Please wash your hands with a wash or home laundry.

*If you are using a washing machine, be sure to use the net.

Dry tanbbles and dry in natural drying.

It does not have an effect on all bacteria.

Antibacterial processing is not intended for prevention or treatment of disease.


There is a partition inside so you can store used and unused masks separately.

Image of mask storage.

There is an eggplant clip inside, which is convenient for washing the mask while traveling or on a business trip, and hanging the mask on the eggplant pad to dry.

The strap part comes with a buckle, so you can take it to bag.

The master piece has a name.

The dough uses a mesh of antibacterial and deodal fabrics that are also used in the bag, and the inside dough is used as a trictocoidal child with a function of sterilization, antibacterial and water inhalation of water.