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master-piece( master piece)ofalphaSeries shoulder pad.

The main body material is made of 66 nylon thread (bright thread) of 420d vertically and horizontally that meets CORDURA® brand fabric standards, providing strength against friction, tearing, fraying, etc., and a special moisture-permeable waterproof film L. We use MASTERTEX-05 nylon, an original 3-layer fabric made by laminating -vent® and bonding tricot nylon. The attached material is made of oxford fabric using 420D nylon thread both vertically and horizontally. The core material is a thick urethane material called Fusion®, a special material developed by Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation, which is designed to reduce the strain on your body when carrying it on your back. Fusion® is a three-dimensional knitted fabric made by connecting two knitted fabrics on the front and back sides with elastic threads.It is a thick yet lightweight material that has excellent cushioning properties, breathability, and durability. . Among them, we use an excellent high-repulsion type that has the highest repulsion and durability. In addition, the mesh on the back is made from Toray's proprietary MILCOT®, a specially constructed cardboard knit with excellent slip resistance and stretch properties. Doing. Because it uses undyed yarn, it is resistant to discoloration, and the anti-slip treatment prevents the shoulder strap from slipping off when you carry it on your back.
Size W350 H75 mm

MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA ® 420d Nylon 100 % Permel of the Dehumidifying Water, L-Vent ® Raminate Machining) /
420d Nylon/Milkot Mesh (Slide Processing)


If the body's nylon material remains wet for a long time, the coating on the back side will be dissociated or the cause of deterioration will be degraded, so please make sure to dry it and keep it in storage. If the mesh material is stored in a hot and humid place, it is likely to be degraded, and the slippery process may come out of the process, so please keep it away from the high temperature and humidity area.


It can be attached to a shoulder strap.

It is designed to reduce the burden on the body when it is taken away by using the special material foot, which is used as a file.

Piss name of master-piece.

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