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alpha workpad for MacBook Pro 16inch No.44114

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master-piece( master piece)ofalphaSeries workpad for MacBook Pro 16inch.

The main body material is densely woven from environmentally friendly 420D recycled nylon, which reduces energy and raw material consumption, reduces waste, and reduces harmful gases during incineration by recycling manufacturing waste collected from factories. CORDURA® ECO is used. It stands on its own with the core material and stand on the back, and can store laptops, tablets, small items, and cables. This work pad is perfect not only as a bag-in-bag, but also to take out and use when moving around the office, in an external workspace, or at home. This is a series that takes the form of ``if a product like this is an extra plus'', and is a product limited to directly managed stores and the official online site.
Size W405 H275mm
Weight About 880g

420d Hidensity CORDURA ® ECO Rizacournylon 100 %/High Density Stretch Mesh


If the body's nylon material remains wet for a long time, the coating on the back side will be dissociated or the cause of deterioration will be degraded, so please make sure to dry it and keep it in storage.


Laptops or tablets can be stored on the front desk.

The back can store small items and cables.

Zipper pocket.

A tape that can hold pens and cords together.

Series common Pisname.

It is self-independent at the back of the core and the back.

The stand can be folded and stored in a bag.