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master-piece × OHNISHITUNE SHOTEN Sensu No. 44111-l

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The company asked Daiseijo Shoten to produce it at a shop specialized in Kyo-sensu for more than 90 years.Kyo-sensu, ' which was produced by using materials collected in Japan, was produced by a skilled artisan, and it is produced through the production process of approximately 87 times.which, of course, has been used for a long time to be used for a long time, as if it were a place of care, of course, to be used up in the hands of the servant.The reissé of the body is six months old, and the light-grained koban is used, and the fine texture is made using a good calf.The kuro-kare (a kind of color) is a technique of the leatherback of Himeji, which was taught by the settlers before the Muromachi period, and the color of organic matter is used as a modern wind, and the color is used to make the film smooth.It is more white than "Himeji no shiranashi" (white lame of Himeji), and has matured for several days and earnees an extra-echoed eco-resa certificate.In addition, he made a unique sense of 'mura' with his monochrome ink in order to make a finish of it.Natural collar has been used as a botanical tanning technique that has been handed down from European and European coheresms, and is based on eco-sato-certification income.It has been natural for the purpose of reserving and changing the use of mimosa, chesto, crown, tara, etc., and the use of reimmering and the use for the purpose of changing the usage of the year, and the original purpose of the leather is to enjoy the change of the year.The reissors of these are made from the 0.3mm of the danners unique to their own directions.Usually, it's easy to tear here, it's easy to tear, and this leather is also prepared for strength.

Bone: Bamboo-folding fan: Karafresa


The color of the main body of the lease comes with some color. Moreover, it is understood that the color change of the material can be done by the characteristic of the material.


The back of the body is made within 6 months of birth, and it is small and thin, and it is fine and the calf is good in texture.

Not only is it comfortable to use, but it also fits comfortably in your hand as you use it, allowing you to use it for a long time.

A dedicated leather case is included.