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a functional storage space, a simple, simple aesthetic design that can be used on off-off, uninteracting, unicablemaster-piece (masterpiece) "explorer" seriesUsing quality materials, the color is used in a wide range of colors, which are very familiar to lifestyle.In the interior, the laptops and tablets can be stored, and there is a leach in the handle, so it is easy to sit on the shoulder, and it is a 2WAY-toat bag that is also active as a shoulder bag.

 The main material is the CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric1680d nylon, which is strong in friction and tearing.
-The use of a cowleaser, which is a convenience store, based on the bark of the North Sea road, which is said to be the highest quality in Japan, is used for the materials and accessories.
 Fassner such as main storage use the YKK metallic fastener, which uses a unique shining and resin-like light as a metal fasner.
-The back of main storage can be used to store the MacBook Pro 13inch and tablet.
In front of the front pockets, there is a convenient Karabina which is convenient to wear keys and other things.
Each of the two sides on the front side is an independent fasner pocket.
The snap button is attached to the back and the object is attached to it with a pocket that is easy to leave.
A side pocket suitable for storage of a plastic bottle or folding umbrella.
You can remove a shoulder strap.
-Back to the Carry Bar.
Size W330 H340 D100 mm
Weight About 1060g

CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon
Dakota style oiled cow leather


If you leave the nylon material for a long period of time, please be sure to leave the coating on the back or dry, so please dry and dry. The effect will be reduced by friction when using.
In addition, the water repellent power is lost by dust and other dirt attached to the cloth.
After use, it is recommended to remove dirt by brushing, and to use the water repellent spray. The leather does not use any pigment, and it is finished with the use of a lot of dyestuff dyeing original leather texture, so there is some color blur.
In addition, it is not possible to avoid color change on the characteristics of the lifting. If it gets wet or wet with water, it becomes the cause of stains or discoloration.
The condition of the surface of the surface is different depending on the place of use. The shape, size, and alignment are different for each sheet. Please note that the specification of the product may change without notice.


The back of the main storage can store a MacBook Pro 13inch and a tablet.

The front of the main storage compartment has a split pocket that makes it easy to put in and take out gadgets.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

In front of the front pockets, there is a calabina that is convenient to wear keys and other things.

There are separate zipper pockets on both sides of the front.

Each side of the front side has an independent fastener pocket.

The snap button is attached to the rear with a pockets for easy-to-use.

There are side pockets suitable for storing plastic bottles and folding umbrellas.

The shoulder strap is removable.

Handles can be grouped together.

The rear is associated with a caliber bar.

It has a leather name shared by the series.