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Archives Master-Piece 25th Anniversary Model West Bag

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The body material uses Invista's Cordura® Fabric 500d nylon, which is more durable than normal nylon and is resistant to friction and tear. Komatsu Seiki's unique dyeing the raw airplane woven with a vertical horizontal 500D nylon yarn, special processing technology (KONBU®-N), which reduces the fiber to the limit, only makes it high density and gives a sense of firmness. Instead, this processing has a nylon material, but the glossy feeling is reduced, making it a cotton -like texture. The attached fabric usually uses 1680D Cordura Ballistic® nylon from Invista, which has about 5 times the wear, tearing strength, and durability of nylon, and further improves strength and waterproofness by applying PVC processing on the back. increase. In addition, the attached leather has 13 species of the Japanese Leather Technology Association, which has already been tested (JES), and is harmful to the human body. I am using a cow leather. MASTER-PIECE 25th Anniversary “Archives” selects and updates based on past popular models, and uses Cordura® Fabric × KONBU®-N fabric for the first time in the world fabric. Includes an original plate and strap created to commemorate the 25th anniversary.
Size W325 H150 D50mm
Weight About 210g

CORDURA® Fabric 500D Nylon (CORDURA® FABRIC x KONBU®-N) / CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric 1680D Nylon / JES Standard Econ Mereser


The body fabric has an error in wrinkles and textures due to special processing. In addition, since the fabric is strong, rubbing may damage the fabric such as clothes. Due to moisture and wetness, the texture of the fabric temporarily becomes softer, but by completely drying, it returns to the original texture to some extent. The leather used for the attached is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. Also, please note that the color is not avoided due to the characteristics of the rising. * Cordura® is a registered trademark of his Invista for durable fabric. * KONBU®-N is a registered trademark of Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd.


The main storage has a magic tape type pocket. In addition, the interior uses Master-PieCE original duck frage pattern fabric.

The front part also has a zipper storage storage.

There is also a zipper -type storage on the back.

The buckle can be opened and closed with one touch.

It has an original metal plate created to commemorate the 25th anniversary.

There is a CORDURA name on the back.

Includes an original trap created to commemorate the 25th anniversary.