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The dough has a history of making sails and trucks from Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture more than 130 years ago, and uses the "Made in Japan" campaign, which produces about 70 % of the domestically produced candy made by the sailing vessel, and has produced a "takoyari" that produces about 70 % of the Japanese rice wine.
A stout 8-item with twisted pair of two cotton yarns, a sturdy 8-go kanga, which is woven, has a deeper flavor and enjoyment, and enjoyment in the aging of the year. Hunt's and sholters use the dough of the environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, 600d holol ester material, which is eco-friendly, with an environmentally friendly, environmentally-friendly rieuretane on the surface of the environment.The motto of matting is characterized by a music-like atmosphere.

Adjunct Lessee is using the smooth liner of MONFRINI PELLAMI S.R.L. (Monfreeni Herrerami), which is located in Milan, Italy, in 1898.After the chrome of the chrome, the colour of the colors, the good pigments, the transparent dyes, the coloured semianiline, the coloring of the coloured semianiline, and the vivid and elegant coloring of it,It is characterized by a clean, shiny surface, such as the more lustrous, smoother, smooth, smooth, and smooth.This is a resurrect of the company, which is modeled after Monfrienijhya Rami, which is produced by the European Restaurer, which has a high fashion sensitivity. Soft and lukewarm and cynofing, and even in the middle, are more likely to have multiple layers of howicket in which they can be divided into luggage, which is a great convenience to the convenience.

Size W350 H370 D80mm
Weight 530g

8 Cotton Canvas/Canvas /
600d Polyester (surface: High Endurance PU Coating) /Italliance Mu Sleaser


Please note that the main body fabric may be colored. Please be careful not to let the product go to clothes when using. Please refrain from combining with the product of the material which is easy to transfer color and color. In addition, please store this product on the characteristic of the canvas when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays.
The attached fabric is made of high durable PU coating, but there may be strong friction or peeling due to deterioration in use. The attached leather may cause individual wrinkles and scratches. In addition, please note that there may be a possibility of color shift or fading due to friction. Please note that it may become a stain if it is wet to rain or water because of natural leather.


The main storage has ample capacity and a zipper pocket.

This is a highly convenient series with multiple layers of storage pockets that allow you to separate your belongings.

You can close the exproprient of a hock.

You can close the storage opening with a hook.

The front is also equipped with fastener storage.

The fastener has leather strap.

The master-piece logo is also engraved on the front part.