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PALLY shoulder bag

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The main body fabric has a history that has manufactured sails and trucks of trucks for more than 130 years in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and also produces approximately 70% of domestic canvas, "Takeyari Co., Ltd." created by Made IN JAPAN canvas.
Two cotton yarns are twisted and woven in the 10th House 8 Canvas Fabric Woven in the 10th Bares, creating tasteful texture as you use it, and you can enjoy your relationship. The attached fabrics of the handle and shoulder part use a 600D polyester fabric that is coated with an environmentally friendly eco-durable polyurethane having an environmentally friendly solvent such as an environmental pollution. It is a material that is characterized by a matte rubber-like atmosphere.

The accessory leather uses a smooth leather of a long-established tanna "Monfrini pellami S. R. L. (Montfriniperami)," located in Milan in 1998 established in 1898. Chrome-tanned finish, colored pigments and transparent dyes are mixed and colored semi-aniline finish colored with a roll coaster machine, and has a vivid and elegant color. While a plain smooth leather, it is a beautiful surface that has created a moderate gloss. A lazer unique to Montfriniperami, making a fashion-sensitive European leather. A simple design with a soft and rough atmosphere, but a series of convenience such as multiple layers of storage pockets and divided luggage.

Size W350 H370 D80mm
Weight 530g

No. 8 cotton canvas / 600D polyester (surface: high durability PU coating) / Italian mousse leather


Please note that the body fabric may fade. Please be careful not to transfer color to clothing etc. when using it. Please refrain from combining with products that are particularly pale or color transfer. Also, if you hit the ultraviolet light due to the characteristics of the canvas, it will fade, so keep it in a place where the sun is not exposed. The attached fabric is a highly durable PU coating material, but there is a possibility that it will be peeled due to strong friction or deterioration in usage. The attached leather may cause wrinkles and scratches unique to individuals. Also, please note that color shift and transitional colors may occur due to friction, etc. Please note that due to natural leather, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause stains.


The main storage is enough capacity and zipper pocket.

It is a series with excellent convenience, such as having multiple storage pockets and separating luggage.

You can close the store with a hook.

You can close the store with a hook.

There is also a zipper storage on the front.

The zipper has a leather strap.

The Master-Piece logo is also engraved on the front part.