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The body material is chrome tanned on the base of a carefully selected steer leather, and the waterproofing agent of 3M company scotchgard® is re -tanned, and the silver surface is rubbed and tight coat processing using special chemicals so that it does not float. I am. The binder is called a stiffer and an insect eating, and it is a shallow embossed on the surface, a color stopped, and finished with an iron. By processing various processes, it is a transparent leather while maintaining the waterproof and antifouling function. The zipper uses a YKK Metaluxe, which has a lightweight and smooth opening and closing. A business series with abundant color variations, lightweight, simple design and necessary functionality.
Size W365 H275 D65 (mm)
Weight Approximately 1000g

Steea leather (3M Scotchgard®)


The main body material has some color blurring. Please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material. In addition, the waterproofing of ScotchGARD® is used, but inundation from the zipper or sewing part is inevitable.


The main storage has a pocket that can store a laptop PC.

On the other side is a pocket, zipper pocket, bottle holder, etc. with partitions.

Remove the side magic tape to open it.

There is a pocket on the back side.

If you open the zipper on the lower side of the back, you can pass through the carry bar.

The zipper has a leather puller.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted with a buckle.

There are five studs on the bottom.