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Folder Briefcase (2 layers) No. 43150

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The main material is chrome-sted on the lower part of the sternly selected stealesade, and after reining the water from 3M Co.'s SCOTCHGARD ®, the material is tightened with a special agent so that it can no longer float with the silver surface.The hats were so intertwinged that they had been working on a stako, with a shallow shape on the surface, and a shade of colour, and a shade was used to make a hue of the skin.It has been used to process various processes, and it is a transparent resent to maintain waterproof and security functions.The fasner is lightweight and smooth, closed or marked by YKK's METALUXE, the back of which is glorious, and the master of the master, the master of the racecar, and the color of the seal, which is used for the carat.A rich caraha has been recreation, lightweight, and cynese, and it has the functionality that is necessary and necessary, and it is the same as a stingy seislating.
Size W365 H275 D95(mm)
Weight About 1040g



The main body material has some color blurring. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. Also, although he uses SCOTCHGARD® waterproofing, water can still leak through the zippers and seams.


The main storage system has a pocket that can be stored by the laptop.

On the other side is a pocket, a fasner pocket, a bottle holder, etc.

If you remove the sidemagic tape on the side, it will be completely open.

It has another layer of storage.

The rear side has a pocket.

The type-pressed name is a common detail for the series.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted in length with a buckle.

You can go to the carry bar by opening the zipper on the back side.