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Masterpiece (masterpiece) rogue (Rogue) sheath equipped with high-spec material, parts, gimmick to the design which made the military motif. It is made of 15 times the strength of the iron, and it does not come out to the right in the wear, tear strength and durability. In addition, it is a backpack which has an impact three-dimensional pocket and buckle arranged in the contemporary style, and is individuality and quality.

Lips top part 15 times strength
Invita 1680D corduroy barrier with wear, tear strength and durability ® Using nylon to improve the strength by performing Pu processing on the back
Superior leather from Australia

Drawsign main storage
Laptop and tablet can be stored
It is possible to store folded umbrella and PET bottle
You can access main storage from side without opening flap
The cushion material of the back part is roughly divided into the left and right sides, and the breathability is improved when it is shouldered
Use of a fastener zipper
Main zipper for YKK ® Using tough
Size W300 H445 D160 mm
Weight About 1270g.

CORDURA®×SPECTRA® N210d×NP300d RIPSTOP / CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon / cotton camouflage print (0.4mm thick PVC coating embossed) / 4mm thick cow leather (vegetable tanned)


The supplied fabric is PVC coated, but the coating may peel off due to rubbing against hard objects. The leather used for accessories may have some color blurring. Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration cannot be avoided. Please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, it will stain. Please note that metal parts will inevitably experience peeling of plating or discoloration over time, which is a characteristic of the product.


Main storage with drawcord. There is a hanging zipper pocket on the back side.

When you turn up, there are pockets for which laptops and tablets can fit.

There is a fastener that can be accessed directly from the side to main storage.

The zipper pocket on the back side is a part facing the body, so it is convenient for storing valuable items.

The three-dimensional storage on the left and right sides of the front part can be opened and closed with a zipper. There is a mesh pocket inside the right side.

The buckle attached to the front part can be opened and closed in a single touch.

It is possible to store folding umbrellas and plastic bottles on the back side.

When the tape is pulled up, it is a specification that can be taken out easily.

When re-storing it, pull the handle at the bottom to return it to its original position.

Magnet buckle by German fidlock Corporation.

It is possible to hook a carabiner etc. to the loop-shaped tape attached to the shoulder strap.

The cushioning material on the back is divided into left and right sections, increasing breathability when carrying the bag on your back.

The three-dimensional storage uses waterproof zippers.

The main storage zipper uses YKK's METALUXE®Tough.

The front part of the bag has a common name.