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AVENUE Wallet Shoulder No.43087

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Master piece( Master piece)AvenueKitson wallet shoulder.

The leather of the main body is made from North American quality steer leather, and when I stain "3M" waterproofing agent made in Thai and penetrated through the leather fiber. The back of the leather, of course, prevents damage of water and oil continuously. 3M "scotchguard" ®」 It is a waterproof, oil proof, and antifouling leather that passed the test link of the monitoring link. Even if the surface is removed, the test will not be effective. In addition, smooth and mold processing, two kinds of processing smoothly, smooth is semi aniline, and the finish of the leather, the mold press is more sophisticated than the appearance, it becomes more sophisticated, and it is smooth to the ratio. The oil and tannin were sorted and used to finish it lightly. Accessories include Cordura ® 100D cordal ® It uses a half thread yarn, and 420dcordura in the transverse thread ® The light thread is made of high density, and it is finished to the fine twill which is woven on the cloth, and the special moisture insulation film l-vent ® The layer is laminated and the tricot nylon is laminated, and the three layer structure is made of the amorphous fafric and maestre-06. It is equipped with various Contax treatments combined with the modern nice, and it is a feature silicone which pursues the function.
Size W122 H190 D25mm
Weight About 200g

Steelesa (3M SCOTCHGARD ®)/Stellers (3M SCOTCHGARD ®)/MASTERTEX-06 (CORDURA ® 100d × 420d NYLON 100 % Permeable Humidification Film L-Vent ® Raminate Machining)


The leather on the main body has some color blurring. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. If the nylon material is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts.


Main storage that opens fully. It has various storage areas.

It was easy to open and close bello in the bello.

It opens and closes easily with Velcro, and is large enough to hold a passport as well as a wallet function.

The clear pocket on the back can store smartphones, etc.

The shoulder strap is removable.

Series common type push name.