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AXIS 3WAY briefcase

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The main body fabric is a vertical thread 110D horny thread 210d nylon twill is made of a 0.15mm thick PVC. By co -tinging mat PVC to the base and fitting, the pressure is increased, the dough is given to the dough and elegant luster. The attached fabric uses his Farrillo_2520D Ox fabric in Toray Co., Ltd. It is based on a special high -viscosity polymer, and has a lot of volume despite the hollow thread with Torai's unique processing technology. It is a fabric that achieves more than 20%lighter than nylon with the same thickness and strength for high and medium empty ratio nylon yarn. It is a fabric with a unique Hikarizawa feeling, a supple touch, and a moderate firmly and moderate strike for strong twist yarn. The attached leather has 13 species of the Nippon Leather Technology Association, which has been tested (JES), and uses eco -cowerer tanned with vegetable tannins without using any harmful substance or 6 -priced chromium. 。 By adding a large number of openings to the front, it is possible to use accessories such as stationary and storage.
Size W410 H290 D90 (mm)
Weight About 1100g

Nylon twill PVC coating 2520D nylon / JES standard certification Econome Trees


The body material may be discolored by PVC's characteristic drugs, solvents, and migration sublimation. The leather used for the attached is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring.