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MASTER-PIECE × CHAORAS Sports Tanugui No.425000

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A brand Charas® (Chao Raas), a brand that matches the goodness of the things created from the traditional Japanese manufacturing with new ideas and challenges the next generation of Tradition & Innovation, sports Master-Piece original design and coloring A collaboration model with This sport is a 110cm long -sized towel that can be wrapped around the neck. The weight is 47g, which is lightweight, and compared to a sports towel, it is one -third and the capacity of the same size towels is compact that can be held 4 pieces, reducing luggage and carrying several pieces according to the style. 。 It is a fabric with a stretchy and soft texture woven with bamboo roe -yeon (bamboo fiber) and cotton. It dries and can be used immediately. It is an outstanding touch that is hard to stuffy due to excellent absorbent moisture.
Size W310 H1100 mm

50%cotton, 50%Bamboo Rayon


Please use after washing for the first time. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it shrinks a little when washed. Please be careful when handling it as it may discolor. If you leave it wet, you may cry or change colors. Avoid soaking or using a detergent containing bleach. Regarding tie -dye, the pattern is different in dyeing.