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master-piece × CHAORAS for Nugui No. 425000

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A brand of CHAORAS (Chaolas), a brand that challenges the next generation of the Tradition & Innovation with the new idea of the things that are produced from the traditional manufacturing of Japan, A collaborative model that is a sport in which you design a master-piece, or a color-original, or a caraling.This sport is a long-sized towel of the 110cm that is wrapped around the neck.The weight is 47g and light weight, and compared to the sports towel, the size of 1/3 is the size of a towel of the same size, and the four sheets are compact, and you can carry a few of the luggage to fit in the same size.It is a stretched soft, soft-texted fabric woke with bumbule-on (bamboo fibers) and cotton, and it has a strong, soft, soft-texture dough that is fast enough to dry and can be easily dried as long as one hour of summer weather is good for speed and drying.This is the texture of the inhaled humidification, which is the skin of an unincapable excled mule.
Size W310 H1100 mm

50 % Cotton and 50 % Bamboreyong


The first time I do a laundry, please use it.The fabric is characterized by a small amount of washing and a small amount of washing.Since there is a possibility of a color loss, please be careful in handling it. If you leave your eyes wet, you will be able to cry or change color.Avoid infillated or bleaching detergent (detergent). As for the Taidai, each of the dyeing is handled by the handle.