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master-piece × CHAORAS Sports Tenugui No.425000

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Master-piece original design and coloring for sports tenugui by CHAORAS®, a brand that takes on the challenge of Tradition & Innovation, which matches the goodness of traditional Japanese manufacturing with new ideas and connects it to the next generation. A collaboration model with This sports tenugui is his 110cm long towel that can be wrapped around your neck. It weighs only 47g, which is 1/3 the weight of a sports towel, and it is compact enough to hold 4 towels for the same size, so you can reduce your luggage and carry several towels to suit your style. Is possible. Made of bamboo rayon (bamboo fiber) and cotton, it has a stretchy, supple and soft texture, and is highly absorbent and quick-drying.On a nice summer day, it's enough to wear in an hour. It dries quickly and is ready to use again. Due to its excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties, it has an excellent texture that does not get stuffy or sticky.
Size W310 H1100 mm

50% cotton rayon


Please wash it before using it for the first time. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it will shrink slightly after washing. Please handle with care as there is a possibility of color fading. If you leave it wet, the color may run or stain. Please avoid soaking or using detergents containing bleach. Regarding tie-dye, the pattern will appear differently depending on the dyeing process.