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KINTO × master-pieces of water bottle 300ml No. 320001

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KINTO × masterThe lightweight WATER BOTTLE, a compact WATER, is rehydrating every day to replenishment.We have adopted a material that is suitable for everyday use, with properties that are less vulnerable to injury or less.The lid, which is easy to open and close, is worn by hand, which is easy to hold, and it can be carried out in a light and easy way.It is more prominent than the transparency of the material and the beauty of the folds, which is to put water into it.The light was light and the Konhagome was made.It is used for everyday use, as it is not difficult to break, or to be injured, in a more transparent and transparent way, such as that of a lass. The opening section of a good sais is easy to put in and out of water, and it is easy to wash and is used.The silicone is easily removed, and the inner bottom has a rounded bottom, so it is difficult to pool and hygienic, because it has a rounded bottom.The master-piece of the piece of the "master" is flunted at the front.
Size 300ml φ65 × H155mm body height (with no cover): H128mm
Weight About 60g

PCT resin/silicenum


[Container and lid] Material: PCT resin/Resin Temperature: 80 °C [Pankin] Material: Silicon Rubber/Thermal Thermal Temperature: 100 °C/Edier/Flait Temperature/BPA Free/Chinese Honbon is a beverage bottle.
It is not available in a microwave oven.
Don't put it by the fire.
After using the dirt, please drop the dirt early and dry enough to store it. Do not use a cleanser or a wreak when cleaning. As a result of the deformation, please put it on the top of the equipment in order to avoid placing the product at the top of the product when using it in your dish-washing machine. Do not put it in the place where the infant's hands are reaching.Don't turn around because it causes an unexpected injury or an accident. Do not drop or cause a strong shock to be caused by corruption or leaks. It is possible for the liquid in it to be blowed out, so do not wave or vibrate to vibrate. Do not put a dry ice in the container because it expands and causes the damage to the damage. Do not use it in a freezer because it is a cause of deformation or damage. Please be careful not to put too many beverages because there is a possibility of overflow when closing the lid. Please wear the silicone packing correctly and use it.Do not leave it to a high temperature, such as in a car. It causes the corruption of the beverage, so please do not leave it in a long position with the contents added. Do not use it in citrus juice, because it can be transformed by a teleppen contained in citrus bark. Don't put the hot water in, because it causes a deformation. The mark of grinding on the surface may be conspicuous, but it is the site of a smooth and smooth finish of the process produced at manufacturing. The thin lines may be noticeable on the surface, but they are not cracks in the molding of resin products.


The silicone part can be easily removed, and the inner floor is rounded, and it is a hygienic, with a pile of dirt in its stains.

The master-piece logo is printed on the front.

The bag body of the sa-hou series has a function that allows you to attach a bottle.