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CIRCUS 2WAY tote bag No.310081

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It is not only functional but also design, such as a material with jet dyed, and a storage part that can be easily opened and closed by adopting magnet functional parts. It is a series featuring Master-Piece, such as combinations, coloring, and gimmicks.

-The main body material is vertical thread 110d Horizontal thread 210D, and the fabric is a natural wrinkle and a nylon twill with a calm glossy feeling.
・ The attached fabric is made of 1680D Cordura Ballistic® nylon from Invista, which has excellent tear strength and durability.
・ The attached leather is made of eco -cowerer tanned with vegetable tannin.
・ Pocket of polyphlex (without sewing type) uses a magnet part of Fidlock, which is easy to attach and detach the hook.
・ The front zipper pocket is made of Aqua Guard Fastener made by YKK, and a 3 -layer nylon fabric with moisture permeability and waterproof performance is used for the storage part of the storage part.
The shoulder strap can be attached and detached

Size W365 H385
Weight Approximately 630g

110D x 210d Nylon twill
JES Standard Authentication Econome Trees


Both the body and the attached materials are used with liquid -dyed dyeing that makes use of the texture, so there is a possibility that some blur will appear in the color and texture.
The attached leather is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blur. In addition, due to the characteristics of the element,
Please note that transfereeing colors cannot be avoided.
For metal parts, there is a possibility that plating or discoloration may occur over time, so please understand in advance as a characteristic of the material.
Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


Uses Fidlock's magnet parts that are easy to attach and detach hooks.

A pocket that can be opened and closed with a surface zipper is applied in the front pocket.

The front pocket is a zipper type.

When you open the front pocket, you will find a pocket available as a bottle holder.

A 3 -layer nylon fabric with a moisture permeability and waterproof performance is used for the bag cloth in the storage part of YKK Aqua Guard Fastener.

The shoulder strap can be attached and detached.

There is a snap button type pocket on the outer back.

The mesh pocket is mounted on the back of the main storage.