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The main body material uses a lightweight, excellent strength, and a calm, luster of the original 3 layer CORDURA® nylon twill fabric "MasterteX-06".
The attached leather is made of North America -produced steee leather, and at the finishing stage, it is finished with oil to make the texture a moist texture.

A hollow thread is adopted for nylon tape, and the yarn is peculiar to the thread to make an elegant Ayame weave.
It has a volume, but has a lightweight and silk -like feel.

It is a combination series of leather and nylon that is finished in a luxurious atmosphere while giving functions such as waterproofing.

-The main body material is 100d CORDURA® semidal yarn in the vertical thread, and 420D CORDURA® bright yarn is used to woven a high-density twill to provide durable and durable MasterteX-06 nylon.
The waterproofing material is attached at the stage of dyeing and greasy and uses a silicon -derived one that does not contain fluorine compounds.
・ Equipped with flaps and many pockets on the main unit
・ Use a jacquard fabric with an original logo for the lining
・ Can store up to 16 inch MacBook Pro
・ The shoulder strap has an original mechanism that reduces the load on the body.“M-strapEquipped with (registered as a practical new plan)

Size W330 H430 D150 mm
Weight Approximately 1470g

Mastertex-06 (Cordura® 100D x 420d NYLON 100% hydrated waterproof film L-vent ® laminates)
North American Steer Leather


Please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it cannot be prevented from invading water from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. If the nylon material is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back side may be peeled off or it may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water -repellent processing will be the surface processing, so if you use it, the effect will be diminished due to friction. In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust attached to the dough and other dirt. Please note that some color blurring and transformation colors cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of leather materials. Also, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the water promptly. Please note that if you leave it in a hot and humid place, it may be discolored or deteriorated. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The flap can be opened and closed with a button.

The pockets on both sides are flap -type, and the outer pocket is convenient for storing small items such as smartphones.

It has a zipper pocket that is convenient for storing small items such as keys.

The inside of the side pocket can be used as a bottle holder.

Equipped with pockets that are convenient for storing wallets under the back.

Equipped with a convenient zipper pocket for storing small items at the top of the flap.

Main storage of draw code type.

It is possible to fix the tip of the draw code inside the flap.

Equipped with a sleeve that can store up to 16 inch MacBook Pro on the back of the main storage. There is also a zipper pocket outside the sleeve.

The main storage is accessible from the side zipper.

The shoulder strap is equipped with an original mechanism called "M-STRAP" (registered as a practical new plan), which reduces the load on the body.