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shuttle tote bag M No.310051

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The main body material is yarn-dyed selvedge No. 8 canvas woven with ultra-high density on an old shuttle loom, and by inserting 33 weft threads instead of the usual 25, we have achieved the thickness unique to shuttle looms. Finished with a material that is Another characteristic of this material, which gives it the feel of paraffin processing, is achieved by dyeing the thread and then impregnating it with a special oil to create a material with an oil/paraffin processing touch. All the twisting, dyeing, weaving, and finishing are done by skilled craftsmen in Kojima, Kurashiki City, and it is a material that cannot be mass-produced as only 50 meters can be woven in a day. The clear film included is a domestically produced color film manufactured at Okamoto Co., Ltd.'s Shizuoka factory. The attached leather has been tested for hazardous substances (JES) according to 13 standards by the Japan Leather Technology Association, and does not use any hexavalent chromium, a substance that is harmful to the human body, and is made of eco-cow leather tanned with vegetable tannins. . This is a casual series that can be worn by unisex, with a wide range of sizes and original logo tape as an accent.
Size W320 h280 D110 mm
Weight About 390g

Super-density, sour decontamination servic 8.
Okamato color film
JES conformance eco-meloser


Tateito and yokoito are made of multi-twisted thread, which makes it difficult to dye at the same stain in the thread of the thread, and there is a case where a thick mura is served.In order to prevent the dyeing thread from being cut off, some wax-type oil is impregnated, and the oil is slightly more conspicuous by the sauce when the weaving is made.A lot of nepps may occur because the dyeing process is used to dyeing threads into a dyeing process in a genning process.
The clear film of the adjunct material will be static due to friction.When the winter is dry, it is particularly easy to occur.
It has the properties to be softened at high temperatures and deform it, so do not use it in hot places.When you get close to the heat source, you can burn or melt.
Or, at a low temperature, it becomes hard and can be damaged by impact.
Save the save to avoid hot and humid places or locations where direct sunlight is located.