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Tea bag Sa-hou Shoulder Bag No. 310030

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"Tea bag sa-O" is a series of Anniversary series commemorating the 10th anniversary of the "master-piece Kyoto" celebrating the anniversary.As a new proposal for a bag life and tea,I had a hassock, and I was in the mall.It was a chalder-shaped shoulder bag, and the amount of luggage was in a very busy time."I'll make it, I carry it, and I like to enjoy tea at my favorite place."He has a heart, and he has a colorful and polite way of life.

The body material High-function materials that are excellent for durability and hydrowater-quality Pocket with Snap Buttons on Front
 KINTO's Waterjo, 300ml, the master of the piece, the warmth of the piece, and the Roko, the roko, and the tolls, and the hassock is attached to it, and the pigs can be fitted with the tricks.
Size W210 H200 mm
Weight About 200 grams

Water repellent 60/40 cotton nylon / water repellent nylon tussah / Italian smooth leather


Discoloration may occur due to friction, or discoloration due to direct sunlight or age. If you leave it wet for a long time, it may cause discoloration or deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing it. Due to the dyeing method of leather, there may be slight color blurring or fading.
*The included Ippodo tea leaves can only be delivered domestically.


Main storage that opens wide.

The front has a pocket with a snap button.

It is possible to attach the included water bottle.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The main storage can be opened and closed with a string.

It has a leather name of master-piece.