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master-piece PET leader (M/S) No. 310005/ 310006

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master-piece(masterpiece)link-pThe collar of the series.The master-piece of stampetre-piece of the link-side, in which the link between link-sirits and the hedgehog, which is richer in the face of the piece, is more affluent, and the hedang-toss in the face of the fasshonof is the seat of the sireese.It is intended for small animals with a weight of about 75 kg or less.The main material is used in a line-like line to reflect the light of the curlite in the night, and to use the hollyliffe, the Rohi, and the Rendon, which is used to reflect the light.As the Hodgliffe-L' Lo-Roi-Len does not absorb water, it is highly resistant to the resistance and resistant to fungus, and has a light weight on other fibers, and has a flexible elasticity and flexibility.In the back of the main material, a 0.6mm thick plain weave tile is sewn together as an adjunct material.It has a sense of calm, elegant taste, and is stained by the color of the main material of the hassock, and it is fun to have a styling with a sense of uniformity and a sense of unity.It has a low ahydration and low level of absorbing, which is very strong in hiragari and friction, and it has a high elasticity and flexible flexibility.The appendage was made by dyeing chromped, dyed, and then the face, the face, the face, the surface intensity, the surface intensity, and the rux was also used as the top of the top, and the top of the top was put on the top of the top, and the top of it was put on the top of the top of the top, and the top of it was put on the top of the top. and the shadows of the shadows are expressing their depth as a hill-faglness.

Size: S width: 20 length (mm) to 250 (mm)

Size: M width 20 length 250 to 350 (mm)

Wearing Size: M


Embossed leather tape / 0.6mm plain woven nylon tape / embossed cow leather


Although we assume that your pet will weigh less than 7kg, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use it if your pet weighs less than 7kg. Please check in advance whether the collar fits your dog's neck size. Please note that if the attached leather comes into contact with alcohol disinfectant, the finish on the leather surface may peel off.


Buckle opened and closed with a single touch.

The front part has a leather name engraved with the master-piece logo.