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master-piece PET collar (M/S) No.310005/310006

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master-piece( Masterpiece)link-pSeries collar.This is a pet goods series that follows the design of Master-Piece's standard series, the Link series, to make your life with your pet richer and more fashionable. Intended for small animals weighing less than 7 kg. The main body material is polypropylene tape with reflective yarn woven into lines to reflect light from car lights at night. Because polypropylene does not absorb moisture, it is highly resistant to mold and bacteria, and is a material that is lighter than other fibers and has high elasticity and flexibility.The back of the main body material is sewn with 0.6mm thick plain weave nylon tape as an accessory material. It has a calm and elegant luster and is dyed to match the color of the main body material of the bags in the same series, so you can enjoy a unified styling when used with other bags. This material has low moisture absorption, dries quickly, is extremely resistant to tension and friction, and has high elasticity and flexibility. The included leather is chrome tanned and dyed, then finished with pigment, and then embossed with square grain to increase the strength of the surface and give it an elegant look. Embossing (color applied to the uneven top) creates clear shadows and creates a sense of depth.

Size:S Width 20 Length 200~250(mm)

Size:M Width 20 Length 250~350(mm)

Wearing size: M


Embossed leather tape / 0.6mm plain woven nylon tape / embossed cow leather


I'm assuming a pet that weighs no more than 7kg, but I don't have to use it if it is less than or equal to 7kg. Please check in advance whether the collar is the size of the collar. Please be aware that the adjunct of the leather surface will detachment the finish of the leather surface when the alcohol disinfection is attached to it.


Buckle that can be opened and closed with one touch.

The front portion contains the master-piece logos with the tickled logo.