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Master piece pet 3way lead no.310004

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Master pieceMaster pieceLinkLead of series.The master piece is a serial silicone sheath, followed by a series of linked silicone. Small animal of about 7kg body weight. The main body material uses reflection riffed Lolita lotus renttaf Ron to reflect the light of the kernels at night. It does not absorb water, so it is light resistant to the other fiber, and it has high elasticity and flexibility.The back of the main body material is sewn with a 0.6mm thick plain weave knitted toe. The staircase with a unified feeling has been stained with the color of the material of the main body of the same material. Because it is low moisture absorption, it is quick drying, it is very strong in tension and friction, and has elasticity and flexibility. The attached Reza is made by dyeing and dyeing the surface after chrome dyeing and dyeing the surface, and by pressing the corner from the top, the strength of the surface is increased, and looks is finished well. At the end, it is a shadow to make the head Paste (putting the color of the pushup of the mold push and convex to the color).
Size W20 L2320mm
Weight 110g

Reflective thread woven polypropylene tape / 0.6mm plain woven nylon tape / embossed cow leather


I'm assuming a pet that weighs no more than 7kg, but I don't have to use it if it is less than or equal to 7kg. Please check in advance whether the collar is the size of the collar. Please be aware that the adjunct of the leather surface will detachment the finish of the leather surface when the alcohol disinfection is attached to it.


You can form a handle by directly connecting the tip to the Marukan.

By connecting the tip directly to the middle Marukan, you can hang the leash from your shoulder.

You can form two reeds by making a handle with the middle marukan.

Comes with a leather name engraved with the master-piece logo.