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Master-Piece(Masterpiece)Link-PSeries lead.This is a pet goods series that follows the design of the LINK series, a classic series of Master-Piece, enriches the life with pets. It is targeted for small animals with a weight of 7 kg or less. The body material uses a poly propelene tape with a reflect yarn in a line so that it reflects light such as car light at night. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture, so it has excellent mold resistance and bacterial resistance, is lighter than other fibers, and is a material with high elasticity and flexibility.On the back of the main body material, a 0.6mm thick flat nylon tape is sewn as the attached material. There is a calm and elegant glossy feeling, and it is dyed according to the color of the main body material of the series, so you can enjoy a unified styling by using it with the bag. It is a material that is quick -drying because of its low moisture absorption, is very resistant to tensile and friction, and has high elasticity and flexibility. The attached leather is chrome tanned and dyed with dye, then finished with pigments, and pressed the square grain -shaped to increase the surface strength, looks elegant, and finally stuck in head (at the end. The shadow is clearly expressed by putting a color on the top of the embossed unevenness.
Size W20 L2320mm
Weight 110g

Reflect thread weaving polyproperen tape / 0.6mm flat weaving nylon tape / embossi cow leather


We assume pets with a weight of 7kg or less, but it is not always available if it is 7kg or less. For the collar, please check in advance whether the size around the neck matches. Please note that the attached leather may be peeled off if the alcohol disinfectant is attached.


You can form a handle by directly connecting the tip to the Markan.

By directly connecting the tip to the middle Marcan, you can lead from the shoulder.

Making a handle in the middle Marcan can form two leads.

It has a leather name engraved with the Master-Piece logo.