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master-piece PET Mini Shoulder Bag No.310003

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Master piece (master piece) is a serial link of the link (link), the link of the link (link) is followed by the master of the piece piece (master piece PET). WalkIt is a good size feeling to store the necessities, and there is a drink holder on both sides, and it is possible to put the etiquette bag from it. It is a shoulder bag with the best function beauty to make the life with the pet richer.

 Water repellent treatment
Front desk  It is woven into a reflection thread in the riff's orchid, and reflects the light that is light at night
Drink holder on both sides
It is possible to put the etiquette bag to the left side lower part
Etiquette bag can be hung
Size W120 H225 D120 mm
Weight About 200 grams.

210d×420d nylon twill (special processing)/embossed cow leather


I'm assuming a pet that weighs no more than 7kg, but I don't have to use it if it is less than or equal to 7kg.Please confirm the size of the caliberbag bag or the size of the bag in advance for the caliber.Please check in advance.Please note that the main material can be scratched with sharp objects such as nails and teeth.Please be aware that the adjunct of the leather surface will detachment the finish of the leather surface when the alcohol disinfection is attached to it.The antibacterial materials are not effective in all bacterial and viral viruses.


A large, easy-to-main storage.

The main storage is easy to open and close with snap buttons.

There is a pocket on one side of the main storage.

It is a large open pocket that spreads in Jabara. It is possible to store the small objects that you want to take immediately, such as a lead.

There is a drink holder on the side.

Open pocket with a penetration opening at the bottom. You can easily take it out by storing a commercially available etiquette bag (roll type).

Nasukan is used to hang and carry an etiquette bag containing excrement.

Comes with a leather name engraved with the master-piece logo.