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master-piece(masterpiece)link-pSeries 2WAY carry bag.

The master-piece of stampetre-piece of the link-side, in which the link between link-sirits and the hedgehog, which is richer in the face of the piece, is more affluent, and the hedang-toss in the face of the fasshonof is the seat of the sireese.It is intended for small animals with a weight of about 75 kg or less.The main material is the Nylon Tail using the Tateyarin 210d yokoito 420d, the liquid-style dyeing (which is said to be a stain by the dye from the stream of the dye which is sprayed from the inlet). in which I express my natural shiwa and the tranquilly elegant sense of the thrill.After the stain, the surface of the dough has been water-mizu-processed.The appendage was made by dyeing chromped, dyed, and then the face, the face, the face, the surface intensity, the surface intensity, and the rux was also used as the top of the top, and the top of the top was put on the top of the top, and the top of it was put on the top of the top of the top, and the top of it was put on the top of the top. in which the shading of the shadows and the shaded are expressed as a hacky.In the back of the field, the antibacterial test, which passed the antibacterial test by the method of absorbing JIS 1902 mycotic fluid, is used with a high, high density, and high density nylon fabric. -Carrie.The interior material of the bag is made up of non-phthalic acid synthetic leather, which is considered to be an environment that does not use plasticizers of phthalic acid esters, which are suspected to disturbate the biological hormones of hormones.We are responding to the new RoHs and REACH, which controls chemical substances for human health and environmental protection, as well as the "new RoHs", which have been controlled by the EU on restrictions on the use of specific harmful substances.It is also highly resistant to the protection of antibiotics and antibacterial, and also has the antibiotic quality of being alcoholic.The Catholes link has an intrinsic dressing in antiviral fibrous, fibrous, fibrous, and mixed cotton dough of the hooli riester and cotton fabric.CLEANSE ® uses a fixed antibacterial element, Etak ®, to reduce the number of specific viruses on the fiber by 99 %, and to suppress the proliferation of certain bacteria.It is also effective in the dislike smell of dry and dry.It was made with great material for laundry durability, and when the sheets of the sheet were removed and regularly washed, the fire was made to be used as a cleaner.The hollyliffe, which is common in the cyreese, and the hollyliffe, which is distributed as the "In", has been factored into the Reflect thread, which reflects the light of the curlite at night.

Size W345 H375 D200mm
Weight About 1360g.

210d×420d nylon twill (special processing)/embossed cow leather


It is supposed to be 7kg or less, but it is not intended to be used if you are below 7 kg. Please check the size and height of the carry bag beforehand. Please note that the body material may become scratched if it is scratched, such as nails and teeth. Please note that the leather may be removed from the surface of the leather when disinfectant such as alcohol disinfectant. The material which expresses antibacterial is not effective for all bacteria and viruses.


Opening the fastener in the main room will open a large portion of the top of the lid.The interior is highly antibacterial, and uses a nylon dough, which is woefully factored in the interior.

Mesh window, one on the top and one on the side. Owners can check on their dog even when traveling. There is a flap that can be opened and closed with a hook-and-loop fastener, so you can hide it when traveling on public transportation.

A lead that prevents a beloved dog from jumping.

The cushion board is removable. If you put your seat on the bottom of the air ticket seat, you can expect the effect of reducing the sheet's zure.

The symbol of the "link" series of the master-piece, also known as the "link" series.It is a large open pocket that spreads in Jabara. It is possible to store the small objects that you want to take immediately, such as a lead.

Open pocket with a penetration opening at the bottom. You can easily take it out by storing a commercially available etiquette bag (roll type). There is also a bottle pocket in the gusset, making it convenient for storing shower bottles.

Nasukan is used to hang and carry an etiquette bag containing excrement.

You can also secure it to your travel carry bag.