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master-piece( Masterpiece)link-p2WAY carry bag from the series.This is a pet goods series that follows the design of Master-Piece's standard series, the Link series, to make your life with your pet richer and more fashionable. Intended for small animals weighing less than 7 kg. The main body material is nylon twill using 210d warp yarn and 420d weft yarn, and is dyed with jet dyeing (also known as jet dyeing, a method in which the fabric is dyed by placing the fabric on the flow of dye sprayed from a nozzle) to create natural wrinkles. It expresses a calm and elegant luster. After dyeing, the surface of the fabric is treated to be water repellent. The included leather is chrome tanned and dyed, then finished with pigment, and then embossed with square grain to increase the strength of the surface and give it an elegant look. By applying color to the embossed uneven top, the shadows are clear and a sense of depth is expressed. The lining uses highly antibacterial and densely woven nylon fabric that has passed the JIS 1902 2015 antibacterial absorption test. carryThe interior bottom material of the bag is an environmentally friendly, phthalate-free synthetic leather that does not contain phthalate plasticizers, which are suspected of disrupting biological hormones. It also complies with the EU's new RoHs regulations for restricting the use of specific hazardous substances, and REACH, regulations governing chemical substances for the protection of human health and the environment. It also has excellent antifouling and antibacterial properties, and is resistant to chemicals such as alcohol. The inner and removable sheets of the Carry Sling are made of polyester and cotton mixed twill fabric using CLEANSE® anti-viral functional fiber processing technology. CLEANSE® utilizes the immobilized antimicrobial ingredient Etak® to reduce the number of certain viruses on textiles by 99% and inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. It is also effective against unpleasant odors such as half-dried odors. The material has excellent washing durability, so you can keep it clean by removing the sheets and washing it regularly. The polypropylene tape, which has a common design throughout the series, is woven with reflective threads to reflect light from car lights and other lights at night.
Size W345 H375 D200mm
Weight About 1360g

210d×420d nylon twill (special processing)/embossed cow leather


It is supposed to be 7kg or less, but it is not intended to be used if you are below 7 kg. Please check the size and height of the carry bag beforehand. Please note that the body material may become scratched if it is scratched, such as nails and teeth. Please note that the leather may be removed from the surface of the leather when disinfectant such as alcohol disinfectant. The material which expresses antibacterial is not effective for all bacteria and viruses.


Opening the fastener in the main room will open a large portion of the top of the lid.The interior is highly antibacterial, and uses a nylon dough, which is woefully factored in the interior.

Mesh window with top and side. The owner can confirm the state of the dog when moving. There is a flap that can be opened and closed with a face zipper, so it is possible to use blinds when moving by public transportation.

A lead that prevents a beloved dog from jumping.

The cushioned bottom plate is removable. If you attach the bottom plate after inserting the etiquette sheet, you can expect the effect of reducing sheet misalignment.

A symbolic carabiner that is also used in master-piece's standard "link" series. Large open pocket that expands with bellows. It is possible to store small items such as leashes that you want to take out quickly.

Open pocket with a penetration opening at the bottom. You can easily take it out by storing a commercially available etiquette bag (roll type). There is also a bottle pocket in the gusset, making it convenient for storing shower bottles.

Nasukan is used to hang and carry an etiquette bag containing excrement.

You can also secure it to your travel carry bag.