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ROOT Drawstring Shoulder Bag No.289034

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It is a casual series that can be used regardless of men and women and age, which is characterized by a simple design, natural texture, and stress -free lightness that does not get tired.

・ The body material is a special salt reduction process on the 420D nylon Oxaces.
Special salt reductions contract to contract the fabric, increase the density, give a sense of firmness and stiffness, and express a unique texture, wrinkles, and unevenness.
・ The attached material is made of waterproofed leather.
-The front pocket is made of zipper YKK Aquaguard®, which has a polyurethane film with a polyurethane film, and has been treated with water stoppings.
・ Shoulder strap is removable 2way
It can be used as a drawstring bag by removing it.

Size W140 H225 D130 mm
Weight Approximately 200g

420D Nylon Ox (special processing) / waterproof leather


The nylon material of the main unit may cause a chalk mark if rubbed or scratched. The texture may be softer due to moisture, so
Please be careful when storing or using it in a high humidity situation. In addition, since the body material is a dyed material, there is a possibility that some blur will appear in the color and texture.
The attached leather has some color blur. Please note that color migration and transition color cannot be avoided due to friction.
For metal parts, plating or discoloration will always occur over time, so please understand in advance as a feature of the product.
Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


On the back side of the main storage, there is a pocket that can store smartphones etc. separately.

The front pocket, which is convenient for storing small items separately, uses a zipper YKK Aquaguard®, which is laminated with a polyurethane film with a polyurethane film and has a water stop.

The main storage can be adjusted with the draw code.

Removable shoulder strap.
It can be used as a drawstring bag by removing it.