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EVER sling bag

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The main body material uses a tough new material SHIN DENIM (cindnim) that will overdo the concept of Denim's Aoi (blue) in Denim's production area, Kurashiki City Kujima. . This SHIN DENIM is a special dyeing technology, and the color fall of denim dough is elegant, and the sorting of the raw cotton and the original spinning achieve 2.5 times the wear resistance compared to normal denim. The attached material used in the vertical cotton, which is mainly composed of his 14th horseman to the yoko yarn, he is a 9 oz class Hickory fabric. In addition, the bottom fabric usually uses about 5 times the wear, tear strength and durability of nylon, and using 1680D Codura Balistic® Nylon of his Invista, and further strengthening his PU process Improve. The accessory leather uses 100% vegetable tannin and his 2.5mm thick and his 2.5mm thick Numemeco leather. Soft processing is gentle, and it becomes a texture that is tasteful enough to use it. It is a series combining SHIN DENIM that does not fall SHIN DENIM, Hikolidenim and light and high strength Cordura BalliSC® Fabric and Nume leather that can enjoy aging.
Size W170 H375 D100 mm
Weight About 530g

10oz shin Denim (C: 82% E: 18%) / 9oz Hickory denim / CORDURA BALLISTIC® Fabric® Fabric 1680d Nylon / 1.8mm, 2.5mm thick cow leather (vegetable tannin tanned)


Please note that the hickory denim of the attached fabric will be discolored. When using it, please be careful not to transfer to clothing, etc., and refrain from combining with products that are especially pale or color transfer. The leather used for the attached has some color blurring. Please note that the color of the material cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material. Please note that if you get wet with rain or water, it will be a stain. For metal parts, discoloration will always occur over time, so please understand in advance as a feature of the product.


You can access the main storage from the zipper provided on the side.

The front part has a flap -type pocket.

Opening and closing by hook.

Metal buckles in the front pocket can be adjusted according to the amount of luggage.

The strap can be replaced so that both the left and right shoulders can be carried on the back.

Leather name common to the series.

The strap is also engraved with Master-Piece.