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EVER Denim × Hickory ver. Webbag No. 24256-V3

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The main material is a denim of a 12oz class, produced in Ihara City, Okayama Prefecture, one of the main areas of denim.It is a denim of the 12oz class that uses an indigo thread of rope stain and can enjoy a change in aging that is as flavour as it can be used.The attached material is a hickory fabric of the 11.5oz class, which uses the indie thread of the first and first dyed yarn to the seventh and the yarn on the toe thread.Also, the bottom dough uses a 1680d cordua of INVISTA with approximately five times the wear and tearing strength and durability of nylon as well as the 1680d cordul bystick, which is used for improving the strength of the dough by using the PU-processing on the back side.Adjunct Leather uses 1.8mm thickness and 2.5mm thickness thalezer, which is 100 % bedible tannin, and is also used in the following year.It becomes a gentle touch with soft-processing, and the more you use it, the more it becomes more tasty than it can be used.This series is a combination of 12oz denim, 11.5oz hickory denim, and lightweight, high strength CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric and Noummeg, which can be used to enjoy the changes in time.
Size W320 H170 D70mm
Weight About 290g

12oz denim / 11.5oz hickory denim / CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon / 1.8mm, 2.5mm thick cow leather (vegetable tanned)


Please note that the denim material will discolor. When using this product, please be careful not to transfer the color to clothing, etc., and especially avoid combining it with products that are light in color or made of materials that are easily transferable. The leather used for accessories may have some color blurring. Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration cannot be avoided. Please note that if it gets wet with rain or water, it will stain.
Please note that metal parts will always change color over time, so please understand this as a characteristic of the product.


There is a pocket on the back side of the main storage.

There is also a pocket on the back side.

Buckle opened and closed with a single touch.

The zipper is a double zip.

The metal plate is a common detail throughout the series.