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In the main material, recycling of manufacturing waste collected from the factory reduces the consumption of energy and raw materials, reduces waste, and reduces the pollution of the air, water, etc., compared to the use of virgin nylon, and is a green nylon fiber compared to the use of the Virginnylon.It is also superior in strength and durability compared to the common 6 nylons.We use CORDURA ® ECO, which is a high-density weave of the 420d hitto ligand niron.The surface is water-repellated and two relatings are provided on the back side.The attached material is a hazardous substance test (JES) with 13 criteria from the Japan Leather Technology Association (JES), and uses an eco-cowlser, which is made up of bare tabultannin, without any use of harmful substances and hexakomes in the human body.This is a casual casual series that can be easily used as a bag of outdoors or travel, of course, as well as the usual use of sloping switchover switches.

Size W300 H150 D60 mm
Weight About 190g.

420D hidensity CorDora ® Eco recycler nylon 100%
Jes certification


If the material of the main body is wet for a long time, the coatings on the back side will be removed or the cause of deterioration will be degraded, so be sure to dry it before storing it.
The hydrophobic processing is the processing of the surface, so the use of the water becomes less effective as a result of friction, such as friction.In addition, the hydrophobic force will be lost due to hokoli and other fillery on the fabric.We recommend that you use a commercially available plectrum spray spray spray spray by using a moderately brushing, etc. after you use it.The reza, which is used as an adjunct, is served only by dye in order to take advantage of the texture of the Reza, so there are some colored beets.Also, since the color of change cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the Raise, Ryosho must be completed.
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