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Gentle leather Boston bag

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The main body leather is a garment leather that is unique to clothing leather and has a moist touch feeling. It is softer and finished by tanning it with a two -oil method that adds fat twice at the time of dyeing. The attached leather will be a numer leather with a solid thickness by tanning the steer leather with tannins. It is a series that uses two types of leather of the same color system with different thicknesses to have an expression on the bag, and the gold genus parts are pointed.
Size W425 H250 D120mm
Weight About 800G

Garment leather / 3.0mm thick Numereser


Due to the characteristics of the leather, color transfer and transformation color cannot be avoided. Please note that it may cause stain if it gets wet.


There is a zipper pocket in the main storage.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The zipper uses YKK's Excella. The surface is polished, so it features smooth comfort and luster.

The shoulder strap is removable. The length can be adjusted with a buckle.

If you do not use the shoulder strap, you can fasten it again.

The metal plate name is a common detail in the series.