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"IL PONTE," a long-established tanner founded in 1961, is a long-established tanner, which was founded in 1961. The company of Europe, the European City of Europe, has been severely elected, and the tart, the toothed, and the drented Oilt are using the coulesa. It is a soft touch and a colour that expresses a soft touch of touch and grinding, and the word is smooth. It is a smooth smooth and smooth, smooth-growing oil in the resurrection, which is used as a means of enjoying a distinctive change of longitudes, and a more like a shrieed. Also, the interior accessories of the interior use the domestically produced tannin tanned stealeser, and as well as the main material, it can be used to enjoy the change of aging over the years.* IL PONTE (Ilho Hundan) The company is a traditional tuner in the Tuscany region of Italy, where the traditional hitch is made of high quality leather and has been used in the process of being used for the traditional katta production process. He specializes in botanical tanning, and has been affiliated with the Italian Botanical Tanin and is a member of the Leather Working Group, and has also received GOLD certification at the Leather Working Group.
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Oldow cowleathers


Please note that due to the characteristics of the leather material, slight color blurring and discoloration cannot be avoided.
Also, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause stains or discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the moisture immediately.
Please note that leaving it in a hot and humid place may cause discoloration or deterioration.
Please note that the dyes used for coloring may fade when exposed to ultraviolet light or indoor fluorescent lights.