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LUSTER card case

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The main body material has elasticity and a koshi by re-tanning the amount of vegetable tannin after making the domestic rhinothy, and it can be expressed as a clearer with an embossing process. . In addition, it becomes a leather that has made deeper depth by placing and processing the horn material for finish and processing. The attached material uses leather with a fine expression of the texture of the texture of the fiber. After the North American epidronches is chromulated, the leather is tightened and the resiliency and kos are out of tightening by using vegetable tannin plenty. It is a leather that allows you to enjoy the aging that is glossy as you use it by applying plenty of oil -effective wax and finishing material that gives a matte texture. It is a series of elegant designs representing unique glossy and color depth of surface embossing.
Size W110 H75 D10mm

Emboss cow leather / oil mat cow leather


The main body material is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blur. Also, please note that the color is inevitable due to the characteristics of the material. If it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the water promptly. The attached material is a material that is easy to get glossy even with friction.


Multiple cards can be stored.

It is a wind koto gusset, making it easier to put in and out.

The lower part of the flap has a common foil stamping name.

The front part has a common foil stamping name.