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luster 2-Fold Wallet No. 223402

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In the main material of the body, it is made of elasticity and coscent by remaking the volume of the bare taburtanin after crometing with it, and it can be expressed as a deep-hackling in the embosses. Also, it is difficult to make a wounds by applying the depth of the material to the layers of the finish line, which is made by applying the wood material to the layers to be processed. The adjunct material uses a fully-texted, fine expression of the facial expression of the texture.After chromium-tanning the North American bark, the rezers are tightened by retracting the bare taburtanin with the lid, and the elasticity and the cosy are out there. This is a reza that enjoyingly enjoyable change of the aging of the year by filling the mixture with a puffy oil wax and a coarser that produces a mackerie texture. This is a series of elegant designs that depiction the distinctive glossy sense and color depth of the surface embosses.
Size W95 H100 D20mm

Embossed cow leather / oil matte cow leather


Since the main body material is finished with only the dye to utilize the original texture of leather, there is some color blur. Also, please note that the change of the material cannot avoid color change. When wet or wet with water, it causes stains and discoloration. Remove the water quickly if wet. The attached material is a material that is easy to come out with friction.


The main compartment has a card slot, bill compartment, and coin purse.

Knock's coins.

In the inside, the sireese is coated with a common foil-name.

In the front part, the sireese is coated with a common foil-name.