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After dyeing the surface of the kip leather tanned with vegetable tannin with a dye, the wax is carefully applied by hand, and the heat is applied at the finishing stage to create a shade of the leather surface. increase. Because it is a kip leather, the texture is fine, and if you polish it by using a lot of wax on it, the color depth and depth will come out, making it a leather that can be enjoyed over time. The zipper uses YKK's Excella, which is carefully polished one by one. The IC card can be put in the front in common with all types.
Size W110 H65 D15mm

Kip Nume Taezer


The main body material does not use pigments, but is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some colored collapse. Also, please note that the color change cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the rising. Wax is applied to the surface, so use a waterproof spray, etc., may cause sim and unevenness, so please refrain from using it. This product has changed the logo mark from his production in 2021, and may differ from the product image published in the online store. Please note that it is possible to specify the logo mark after the change, so please note.


A zipper -style coin purse. The zipper uses YKK's Excella. The surface is polished, so it features smooth comfort and luster.

Cards can be stored on the front part.

A key case where multiple keys can be attached.

Cards can be stored inside.

The embossed name is a common detail in the series.

The embossed name is a common detail in the series.