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Folder MSPC PRODUCT LIMITED EDITION Round Fastener Wallet No. 223220-CL

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master-piece( Masterpiece)ofFolder MSPC PRODUCT LIMITED EDITIONRound Fastener wallet series.

The main material was heavy on the surface of the kisch, which had been heavily taffed, and it was dyed on the surface of the coated kitchen, and then the wax was polished and polished and the surface of the leather was added to the surface of the leather, and the heat was added to the surface of the leather.Kidf is finely finely used for the sake of the kitchen, and the depth of the color and the depth of the color and the change of longiteminence are used for the purpose of polishing or making the wax more polished. Fassner uses YKK's EXCELLA, which has been thoroughly polished for every single element.The IC cart is included in the front, and the IC cart is to be included in the front.
Size W195 H103 D25mm

Kip Nume Leather


The main material uses pigments, and lesion is used to make the texture of the dye in order to make use of its original texture, and it has a little bit of color and a little bit of it.Also, the characteristics of the characteristics of Sujo are not used to be avoided, and the characteristics of the above are strictly accepted.The surface of the wax is filled with wax and it is used as the cause of Shim and Murra, and the use of the water is modest, and the use of the wax is strictly avoided.

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It opens wide and makes it easy to see the contents. Comes with 17 card slots, bill compartment, coin purse, and free space.

Zipper type coin purse.

A front pocket where IC cards can be inserted.

The zipper uses YKK's EXCELLA. The surface is polished, so it is smooth to use and has a glossy shine.

Embossed name common to the series.

Embossed name common to the series.