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Folder GOODS round zipper wallet

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The body material is chrome tanned on the base of a carefully selected steee leather, put a waterproofing agent made by 3M company and re -tanned it, then rub the silver surface and use special chemicals to prevent floating. doing. The binder is done to erase the blood and insect eating, which is a shallow embossed on the surface, a color stopped, and finished with an iron. By applying various processes, it is a transparent leather while maintaining waterproofing and antifouling functions. The lining is dyed with 100% cationic dye, so that a cationic dyed thread that does not worry about the migration sublimation phenomenon is used for both vertical yarns and weft. The IC card can be put in the front in common with all types.
Size W195 h103 d25mm

Steea leather (3M Scotchgard®)


The body material has some color blur. Also, please note that transfereeing colors cannot be avoided. Please note that the interior leather will be stained if it gets wet with rain or water due to the characteristics of the material.


The contents are wide open and the contents are easier to see. It has 17 cards, billing, coin purse, and free space.

A zipper type coin purse.

Nume leather is used for the interior.

The zipper uses YKK's Excella. The surface is polished, so it features smooth comfort and luster.

Transparent leather while maintaining waterproofing and antifouling functions.