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Plain ver.2 key case

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We use carefully selected domestic leather, chrome tanned, and dye while adding oil at the reconstructed stage. By adding oil, the silver surface is hard to float, giving it supple and horse mackerel. After that, the surface of the leather is sanded, and the surface is finely adjusted, the surface is coated with resin, and the paint is applied many times to make it deep. As a result, it has been robust and has a relatively strong leather for dirt and water. Finally, the wax finish gives a smooth and elastic touch feeling.
Size W55 H100 D20 (mm)

Steer leather (wax glass)


* Because this product is an outlet product, we cannot respond to returned or exchanged. If the body material is left wet with water, it will deteriorate, so be sure to wipe it off when it gets wet. Also, please note that if you leave it in a hot and humid place, it may be discolored or deteriorated. Please note that the attached and interior leather will be spots if it gets wet with rain or water due to the characteristics of the material.


There are three eggplant crowns inside, which is convenient for using them properly.

It can be hooked on a belt loop or bag.

The zipper uses YKK's Excella. The surface is polished, so it features smooth comfort and luster.

The embossed leather name is a common detail in the series.