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Notch Round Fassner Wallet No. 223060

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master-piece(masterpiece)NotchRound Fastener wallet series.The main material is the only one in Japan that is made of *LWG (which is a lessee), and it is made by dyeing with chromium dye in the stealer, and using a special agent to make tight coats so that it can be worn by scratched the silver surface.It becomes more smooth and smooth and smooth when it is used to smooth the smooth and smooth tone of the silver surface.The surface of the kikh is a type of kikkusho-meshi (a type of keshi in the form of a kitchen), which is shaped like a conditioning of the texture.The appendice, which is used in the costume, is used for the skin eyes and hardness of the kitchen of the kitchen, the lirance's kitchen.The density of the fibers is high, and it is said to be very tasty, and it is said that it is best to make leather small objects.The surface is a deep glossy lasser using resin, which is hard to hurt.The IC cart is in the full specification and the IC cart is to be included in the front.* LWG is an international organization that uses LWG to audit factories in the name of "LWG".They assess and rank the compliance and capabilities of the Environmental Conf Alliance Reliance, while pursuing the quality of the leather trading system.
Size W190 H95 D40mm

Leather / Kip leather


Please note that due to the characteristics of the leather material, slight color blurring and discoloration cannot be avoided. Also, if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause stains or discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the moisture immediately. Please note that leaving it in a hot and humid place may cause discoloration or deterioration. The main body material is sprayed with paint, so if it is rubbed too hard, the paint may peel off. Please be careful when storing and using.


It opens wide and makes it easy to see the contents. Comes with a card slot, bill compartment, and coin purse.

Open the hook to store more cards.

The front has a pocket that can store cards.

The logo name common to the series is engraved.