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The main body material is made by the only tanner in Japan that has acquired *LWG (Leather Working Group) certification, and the steer leather is chrome tanned and dyed, and a special treatment is applied to rub the silver surface to prevent it from lifting. Tight coat processing is performed using chemicals. Smooth the silver surface with a binder and spray the paint to create beautifully colored leather. The surface is embossed with a kip-like pattern to create a smooth texture. The accessory leather used for the interior is Kip leather, which has a good balance of texture and durability. It has a high fiber density, is supple and has a good taste, and is said to be ideal for making leather accessories. The surface is made of resin to prevent scratches, and the leather has a deep luster. All models have a specification that allows you to insert an IC card in the front. *LWG (Leather Working Group) is an international organization that audits tanneries. In addition to evaluating and ranking environmental compliance and ability, we pursue traceability of leather.
Size W100h88d25mm



This product will be modified in 2021, and may be different from the product image that is listed in online stores, etc.
Prior to the change, you may be able to specify the logo after the change, so please note that you are ready to accept it.

Please note that the characteristics of leather materials cannot be avoided by some color beets or displacable colors. When it rains and water, it causes a shimi or a discoloration to be used.

If you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air. If you leave it in a hot and humid place, you may be aware of the possibility of a change in color or change. Since the main material is coated with paint, it is possible that the paint will be peeled due to a strong ruin.Please be careful when using a save or basket.


The main exdiction is the card, and the card is placed on the main storage.

The main storage of the hock expression.

There is a coin purse on the back side.

All models have a specification that allows you to insert an IC card in the front.

Embossed name common to the series.