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RIPE -Version 2-2way bag

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Since the agent is soaked in, water and oil will be continuously prevented from the back of the leather, as well as the wounded places. Since there is a large amount of waterproof oil, it is finished in a soft and soft touch. The surface is also finished to be a fine skin like a text like a kip. It is an extremely soft ultimate soft smooth that all balances can not be done, such as tanning, staining and oil formulation. This leather is the leather of waterproof, oil drops and antifouling (easy to remain) that passed the monitoring exam of "ScotchGard®". This monitoring test can be done even if the surface is done, so the effect can not be diminished while using it. The impeding material on the bidber body side has a strength for friction, tearing, cutting, etc. by tightening the 66 nylon yarn (bright thread) of the vertical or horizontal 420d satisfying the Cordura® Brand Fabric standard, and the strength for tearing and cutting. MasterTex-05 nylon is used, with a 3-layer structure laminated with a wetland water film L-VENT®. Compared to normal 420D class fabrics, the strength is increasing because the number of punched numbers has been driven. 66 Because we use Nylon Breito yarn, there is a deep gloss. It is approximately 20% lightweight hollow fiber nylon tape from normal tape. Background is using the original jacket with the Master-Piece logo. It is a series that drops high quality leather as a material for the mold of the outdoor image.
Size W290 H420 D140 (mm)
Weight About 1300g

Soft Steer (3M Scotchgard_) / Mastertex-05 (Cordura_ 420D Fabric 66 Nylon 100% Auditable Waterproof Film L-Vent_ Laminated Processing)


The body material has some color blur. Please note that the color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the material. In addition, the SCOTCHGARD® is waterproof, but inundation from the border between sewing and parts is inevitable. If you leave the attached nylon material for a long time while wet, it will be peeled off or it may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing.


Open wide open main storage. There are multiple zipper pockets.

The front part has a large open zipper pocket.

The pocket is designed to help us use it as a briefcase.

There is also a pocket at the top of the front.

When using it as a briefcase, it can store the shoulder strap.

The zippered pocket on the back side is convenient for storing valuables.

Laptops can be stored in the storage on the back side.