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Ripe -polyester version 2- 2WAY bag No.222110-p2

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By using special polyester thread and weaving it at an ultra-high density, it has a shape-memory wrinkled feel and a soft finish. Because it is dyed at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time than regular dyeing, the color is deep and glossy. The surface is water-repellent and the back is double-treated to prevent water from seeping into the fabric itself. The accessories are made of fine-grained horse leather that has been treated with waterproof tanning to make it waterproof during the tanning process. This series uses elegant materials and leather in an outdoor style mold.
Size W290 H420 D140 (mm)
Weight About 1080g

Ultra-high density special polyester horse leather waterproof tanned


The included leather is finished with only dye to bring out the original texture of the leather without using pigments, so there may be slight color variations. Also, please note that due to the nature of raw materials, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided.