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The original leather is strictly selected and used by the North American steeer.After the chromium was made, a waterproof agent made of 3M was put into a taiko at dyeing, and the waterproof agent was used to impregnate the leather.The fibrous emulsion is the eminent of the water, and the lining of the leather, the side, of course, is continually prevented from infiltration of the water and oil from the point of the wound.It has penetrated a large amount of oil for special waterproof, and it is a soft touch and a touch of touch.and the surface was so delicate as to be a fine-grained eyelet like a kiffer.It is tanned, stained with dyeing, or oil, and the ultimate, soft, and ultimate, smooth-moss, which is not good for the lance of a lance, is that it is soft.This lessee is the leather of the waterproof, oil, oil, and protection that has passed the test (it is difficult to keep the rest of the way), which is the result of the "SCOTCHGARD ®" monitoring.This monitor, which is done in the face of the surface, is not as effective as it can be,The attached material on the dorsal side of the trunk is 420d 420d filled with the standard CORDURA ® brand, and it is strong against frictions, torn, and slicing, and uses the three layer structures of the special, permeable and humidifying water film L-Vent ®, and Narfaff and MASTERTEX-05 nylon in Narfaff.The ratio of the dough in the 420d class is 20 %, and the number of the dough is more than 20 %, and the strength of the dough is increased.66 Nylon's fates are using the light thread, so it's a very deep glossy.This is about 20 % light weight and a weight of medium and light silk cloth, which is about 20 % light weight, than usual tape.In the back, the master-piece of the piece of the piece is used, and the Orishi is using the narcal carat.The outreach was used as a material for the mold, which was used as material for the mold, which was used as a material for the mold.
Size W300h480d120 (mm)
Weight About 1200g

3M SCOTCHGARD_ MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA_ 420d fabric 66 Nylon 100 % dimmodehydration film L-Vent_laminet processing)


The main body material has some color blurring. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. Also, although SCOTCHGARD_ is waterproofed, water cannot escape from the seams and the boundaries between parts. If the included nylon material is left wet for a long time, the film may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing.



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