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PKS. Relax Shorts

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Shorts that make use of the classic tapered pants specifications of Master-Piece Wear. Pattern cuts are applied so that the stress such as friction occurs when using the bag can be reduced as much as possible as much as possible. The material has a moisture -absorbing and quick -drying function and uses a highly elastic nylon material.

Size: 1 waist rubber 72 hips 36.2 Inseam 20.0 (cm)

Size: 2 WestRubber 77 hip 117 37.7 Inseam 21.0 (cm)

Size: 3 WestsRubber 82 hip 122 39.2 Inseam 22.0 (cm)

Size: 4 WestsRubber 87 hip 127 40.7 Inseam 23.0 (cm)

Model: H180cm/W70kg

Wear size: 3


Outer fabric: 85% relaxed nylon, 15% nylon / mesh: 100% polyester


It will be designed to be extremely flat to the limit to relieve stress due to friction when wearing a bag.

We have one back pocket

The waist part is located with prevented swells.

It will be a flat specification of the beltless with a draw code and a side stretch

A zipper pocket is provided next to the left front front pocket