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Cars reabile wide hits No. 203006 MS

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Masterpiece wear wide pants. Special pattern cutting is made to be flat to the limit so that the jacket does not damage damage in the rear part of the belt loop when wearing backpack. Therefore, the belt loop is eliminated, and the development of the new fitting by the grip tape of the waist lining. Wide silhouette like Chino pan. Corduroy Max fabric and moisture absorption performance.

Size: 1 waist 83.5 / 75.5 hip 116 knee / waist width 60 / 47 total length 97.5 (CM)

Size: 2 waist 88.5 / 80.5 hip 121 knee / waist width 62 / 49 total

Size: 3 waist 93.5 / 85.5 hip 126 knee / waist width 64 / 51 total length

Size: 4 waist 98.5 / 90.5 hip 131 knee / waist width 66 / 53 Total length of 105 (CM)

Outer material: 40% cotton, 30% polyester, 30% nylon


In addition to abrasiality, the cordacel Max dough adds water to the water absorbing performance.

To reduce the friction between the bags and the bag, we have adopted a thin cloth fasner in the back of the coil.

In order to reduce friction with the bag as much as possible, we use a narrow zipper with a coil lining.

The back part of the waist is anti-slip to reduce slippage.

It does not have belt loops and has a drawcord.

The back is flat-cut to reduce pilling and damage to your jacket when wearing a backpack.