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Masterpiece wear classic tapered pants. A special pattern has been cut to make the jacket as flat as possible so that the back of the jacket, such as belt loops, will not be damaged when worn with a backpack. For this reason, we have deliberately eliminated belt loops and developed a new fitting with grip tape on the back of the waist. In addition to the abrasion resistance of Cordura Coolmax fabric, it has been updated with water absorption and quick drying performance.

Size:1 Waist 83.5/75.5 Hips 106 Knee/Hem width 48/35 Total length 97.5(cm)

Size:2 Waist 88.5/80.5 Hips 111 Knee/Hem width 50/37 Total length 100(cm)

Size:3 Waist 93.5/85.5 Hips 116 Knee/Hem width 52/19 Total length 102.5(cm)

Size:4 Waist 98.5/90.5 Hips 121 Knee/Hem width 54/41 Total length 105(cm)

Outer material: 40% cotton, 30% polyester, 30% nylon


Cordura Coolmax fabric provides abrasion resistance as well as water absorption and quick drying properties.

To reduce the friction with the bag, we use Coyle backbone zipper fastener.

In order to reduce friction with the bag as much as possible, we use a narrow zipper with a coil lining.

It does not have belt loops and has a drawcord.

The back is flat-cut to reduce pilling and damage to your jacket when wearing a backpack.

The back part of the waist is anti-slip to reduce slippage.