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Packers Wide Trousers

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It is a simple easy pants type, but a wide silhouette that can be set up with a special pattern cutting so that the jacket is extremely flat so that the jacket does not damage with the backpack such as a belt loop when wearing a backpack.

Size: 1 Waist 83.5/75.5 Hip 116 knee/Hem width 60/47 Total length 97.5 (cm)

Size: 2 Waist 88.5/80.5 Hip 121 Knee/Hem width 62/49 Total length 100 (cm)

Size: 3 Waist 93.5/85.5 Hip 126 Knee/Hem width 64/51 Total length 102.5 (cm)

Size: 4 Waist 98.5/90.5 Hip 131 Knee/Hem width 66/53Total length 105 (cm)

Outer fabric: Nylon 88% polyurethane 12% /mesh part: 100% polyester


Use a 2 -way nylon fabric, which has a beautiful silhouette while having a cold feeling, UV cut, and water repellency.

It is a draw code specification without a belt loop. The rear part of the waist reduces the gap drop by stopping it.

When the backpack is attached, the back is flat to reduce pills and damage to the jacket.

We use a coil back and width fastener to reduce friction with the bag as much as possible.