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It was designed to put benchmarks in an effective position when the backpack was put on the back, and the air would be cool even when the bag was put under pressure because it was a mesh around the sleeve.The main dish is a bag-like bag that can be used to shortwell the sholder tape to prevent the sholder tape from pulling out, or to omit the sleeve button and the front slender fistner pockets, and to fix the lapel.

Size: 1 Shingyō: 69.5 Katahaba (69.5 Katahaba), and 60.5 shoulder height (60.5 cm)

Size: 2 ransom: 108 shijo (height): 71 shoulder width 44 sleeve height 62 (cm)

Size: 3 Mini (114) and 45.5 shoulder width (45.5 shoulder length): 63.5 (cm)

Size: 4 The width of the body with a width of 120 kimono and 74 shoulder width 47 shoulder height 65 (cm)

Outer material: 88% nylon, 12% polyurethane / Mesh part: 100% polyester


Prevents the flaps, such as straps, from crammed by the fixed portion of the lapel.

The hip-buttock is an open-button, and it reduces the stress that it takes to pull the strap.

When the backpack is worn, the ventilation is secured by placing the bench between the scapula and the lumbar bone.

Ventilation is also placed on the armpits to ensure breathability.

Pocket in the inner part.

Pocket in the inner part.

To reduce the friction between the bags and the bag, we have adopted a thin cloth fasner in the back of the coil.

In order to reduce friction with the bag as much as possible, we use a narrow zipper with a coil lining.