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TROLLEY Tranqubert No. 193000

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The master-piece of the piece of the piece, which has been factored into a secret, is an expression of the case for the case.It is a moderately tight stretch of the adoption of a special cot for the hem, and it will fit tightly, not to make it easy for the case to be worn out easily.You have to adjust the length of your own, master, the heart-hearted heart of the piece, and of course, the sirile, of course, to the mess of the time.Protect luggage and secure the safety of the goods by reinforcing the suitcase and opening up suddenly, such as suddenly opening up. Mountable range: 970mm-1,800 mm



Please make sure to match the size so that the belt does not come off. Please use it by passing it through the handle of your suitcase. Deterioration and color transfer may occur depending on usage and storage conditions. Leaving it wet will cause deterioration, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that too much direct sunlight may cause fading.


By using special rubber for the belt, it stretches and contracts appropriately, making it not only easy to attach to the hard case, but also a secure fit. The length can be adjusted freely, and it is compatible with most sizes as well as the master-piece hard case series.

The master-piece of the piece has been factored in, and has been factored into it.

It is contained in the master piece original clear case.